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Submissions for the fall issue of Weird Lit Magazine

are open July 15th through September 1st.


Weird Lit Magazine seeks stories under 3000 words in the following styles and moods:

Absurdist, ambiguous, avant garde, bleak, dark, deadpan, existential, experimental, grotesque, hopeful, horror, humorous, literary, magical realism, noir, psychological, slipstream, speculative, supernatural, weird


We seek stories with a strong voice and encourage non-realist narratives and settings.

Works we don’t want:

Erotica, fanfic, shallow revenge stories, rewritten fairytales and fables, rough drafts, swords-and-boards fantasy, hard sci-fi, YA, AI-generated or AI-assisted prose, or pieces with overt racist, sexist, or homophobic themes. We do not accept pieces that contain graphic depictions of rape, pedophilia, or excessive gun violence, and we do not want anything involving established IPs, e.g. Disney characters.

Submit one short story or up to three flash fiction pieces through our submission form by clicking the Submit button below. Do not submit more than once per submission period.

Please adhere to the formatting requirements listed below. Failure to follow these requirements will result in automatic rejection of your submission which we really do not want to be forced to do.

  • Submit your piece in a .doc or .docx format

  • Double-space, please. The editors' eyes will thank you.

  • We intentionally read all submissions blind. Please do not include any identifying information in your document (name, gender, age, etc.)

  • Do include the word count of your story in the upper-right corner of the document

  • Do not include a bio in the document as there is a space for that in our submission form

We aim to respond to all submissions within one month.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, just let us know as soon as possible if your piece has been selected for publication elsewhere.

We are not publishing reprints at this time.

Weird Lit Magazine is not currently a paying market, but we aim to be someday!


In the event that we publish your work, you grant Weird Lit Magazine exclusive electronic rights for 3 months and non-exclusive rights indefinitely so we can include it in our online archives.

listed on diptrope.webp


Weird Lit Mag seeks visual art and photography submissions for our Fall 2024 edition. Please send up to three high-res, quality .jpgs or .pngs of weird work to along with titles for each piece and the media or materials used.


Previously published, posted, or distributed pieces are acceptable as long as the artist still owns the copyright to the work. All pieces will be published in an online-only format alongside bylined prose according to our editorial selection for the edition.


We are not interested in work created in any part with the assistance of AI tools or imagery—we want wholehearted, wild creativity and artistic, human framing.


Weird Lit Magazine is not currently a paying market. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to consider sharing your work!

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