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Dear Weird Lit Readers,

Our mission with Weird Lit Mag is straightforward: provide a platform for the weird and boundless. In a time of heightened social pressure, franchise mania, and evil-billionaire-worship, we believe the world needs more originality, more artistic integrity, and for Sasquatch’s sake, more weird. 

Of course, weird for the sake of being weird is not enough. Like our more straight-laced literati counterparts, we seek out fiction that explores the human condition and its depths—we just prefer our bellybutton-gazing with a heavy hit of the strange and unusual.

Weird or not, there’s a little secret about fiction we writers and editors know: it is a powerful truth-telling tool. The hardest truths are magically made palatable when probed through make-believe. Truths about grief and loss, about corruption and betrayal, about love unrequited and dreams unrealized. And it’s not all sorrow here in the underbelly; we get tickled too. Ideas of wonder and intrigue keep us going. They keep us thinking and growing. Keep us hoping. 

Hunter S. Thompson famously claimed, “When the going gets weird, the weird go pro.” We at Weird Lit are doing what we can to ensure that reality by publishing substantive weird fiction and art. We worked hard putting this inaugural issue together, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the talented writers and artists who have contributed their creations. Please help us help these weirdos go pro by reading and sharing their works. 

We hope you enjoy this first issue of Weird Lit and the many more to come.

Stay weird, folks. We’re all depending on it.


Weird AF,


September Herrin

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Weird Lit Magazine

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